Why Grasp

We love technology.

It amazes us and makes us curious. Because it leads to innovation. Because it makes us smarter and more efficient. Because it enhances the quality of our lives. Because it enables us to make a greater difference than could ever be made before. Because it connects us. We believe that legal and privacy compliance should not be roadblocks for that. The future is awesome.

We facilitate the business.

Not the other way around. A lawyer only adds true value if he understands the business. We first ensure that we understand what you do and where you want to go. And then we make sure that you get there. In our view there are always multiple solutions not just the legal one. As legal enablers we are there to help you to get things done. Sound knowledge applied with soft skills. We mind your business.
We believe in legaltech.
We embrace the automation of legal work. For our own work, but also for yours, empowering you to be more self-reliant. We are definitely not attached to the non-transparent model of billing as much hours as possible. Instead we strive for openness and efficiency through innovation. And optimization innovation as an incentive for success. #legaltech