What we do


We provide advice on the legal and strategic aspects of technology, privacy and telecommunications. When regulations seems to contain limitations we seek opportunities; exploring unexplored territory together. When a product or service needs to be modified to be compliant, we will tell you how those changes should look. No long memoranda or complicated language. Creative, concise and always practical.


We assist with drafting and negotiating agreements. Both one-offs as well as high-volume. For instance for IT services, software development or licensing, cloud hosting, ecommerce or SaaS services, but also data processor agreements. If possible, we use contract automation tools. And our common sense. Better contracts, finished more rapid.


Sometimes in-house is a better fit. You can hire us on a project basis. We will then make sure to send you someone. We can for example join a project team at a large outsourcing, temporary replace an in-house IT lawyer or Privacy Officer, draft or review model contracts, perform PIAs or draft privacy principles and assist with their implementation.