Faire price


We do not believe in discounts, but in prices that provide value for money, which value also makes us happy.

Legal services are usually billed by the hour. That is something we also do once in a while. Grasp costs EUR 250 (excl. VAT) per hour. For in-house projects we apply a lower (daily) rate, because of the volume and commitment. It is just that an hourly rate does not say much about the total price, let alone whether it is fair. It is non-transparent and does not provide incentive for innovation. After all, the more billable hours can be invoiced, the better.

For us transparency and efficiency are vital. That is also where your interest will lie. We prefer to work with fixed prices instead of working by the hour, because the final result counts. It offers you certainty and rewards our efficiency.

To ensure that our services are indeed priced fairly, we offer you the opportunity to decrease or increase our invoice to an amount that you believe truly reflects the services. Please tell us what you liked or where we can improve. We love compliments, but if you think we can better our service, we will gladly do so on the basis of your feedback